Ep 233: How To Buy And Implement An ATS

Contact: matt@metashift.co.uk Buying and implementing a new ATS can be a long, complicated and frustrating process, not to mention the additional work required to drive adoption once the system is actually in place. So what can employers do to set themselves up for success and make sure the process achieves its ultimate objectives? My guest this week is Shanu Varghese, Director, Global HR Technology at Apollo Global Management. During his career, Shanu has been responsible for over 50 HR technology implementations and has some great insights and advice to share. In the interview, we discuss: • The importance of keeping up to date with the market and having an open mind • How to approach the RFP process • Achieving stakeholder buy-in • Strategies for successful implementation • Tailoring your strategy to reflect geographical and role differences • How to encourage usage and adoption • The importance of understanding the vendor's product roadmap. Shanu also talks about recruiting automation and what's next for Apollo. Subscribe to this podcast in Apple Podcasts

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