Ep 228: Coaching

Contact: matt@metashift.co.uk To fully understand the impact of technology on what we do, it 's essential to look outside of talent acquisition occasionally and see how other areas of the talent ecosystem are being disrupted. My guest this week is Ozlem Sarioglu, an award-winning coach and co-founder of digital coaching platform SparkUs. As well as providing a fascinating overview of how technology is changing coaching. Ozlem also shares some insights and advice into the coaching mindset. Something that will help anyone who is leading and developing a team. In the interview, we discuss: • How Ozlem became a coach • The benefits of and common misconceptions about coaching • How technology is making coaching more accessible • The balance between human and machine • Measuring results Ozlem also gives her thoughts on developing a coaching mindset and shares advice on how people can get the most out of coaching Subscribe to this podcast in Apple Podcasts

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