Ep 217: Job Board Evolution

Contact: matt@metashift.co.uk Job Boards and their likely future is a topic that we've not really covered in-depth on the podcast. Despite the decade long predictions of their demise, Job Boards still play a crucial role in many talent acquisition strategies. They are evolving quickly, and some of the new generation talent marketplaces are attracting enormous venture capital investment. My guest this week is Martin Lenz. Martin is CEO of innovative job board software provider Jobiqo and is therefore ideally placed to get us up to speed on the current state and future potential of job boards. In the interview, we discuss: • What role are job boards currently playing in talent acquisition and how could they be better at it • Creating value in niches • Leveraging increasing amounts of data • Improving the candidate experience • What factors are driving change in the job board market and who are going to be the winners and losers. • What functionality should talent acquisition professionals be demanding from job boards both not and in the future Subscribe to this podcast in Apple Podcasts Follow the show on Instagram

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