Ep 214: Recruiting For A Changing World

Contact - matt@metashift.co.uk Work is changing. Jobs are changing. Is recruiting changing quickly enough to keep up? The demand for new mixes of skills and ever-shortening tenure means that recruiting needs to be extremely flexible and work faster than it ever has before. My guest this week is Nikos Moraitakis, CEO of Workable. Workable work with 20,000 companies across 100 countries which means Nikos has some fascinating insights to share on the current and future state of recruiting. In the interview, we discuss: • How work and jobs are changing and the implications for talent acquisition • The broadening fit between skills and jobs and why this makes matching more difficult • Ever higher candidate expectations • Recruiting automation • The changing nature of screening and assessment • Providing hiring managers with tools they don't hate Nikos also talks about the role of recruiting technology and shares his thoughts on what recruiting will look like in 5 to 10 years. Subscribe to this podcast in Apple Podcasts

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