Ep 209: Matthew Syed, Rebel Ideas

My guest this week is Matthew Syed. Matthew was formerly the British table tennis number one and is now a journalist the best selling author of books such as "Bounce" and "Black Box Thinking". Matthew's new book, "Rebel Ideas" has just been published. In the book, he explores a topic that we've looked at a few times on the show, the importance of diverse thinking in teams and organisations. In the interview, we discuss: • When and why diversity matters and how it contributes to success • Diversity of background, perspective and thinking • Rebel ideas that challenge, cross pollenate, diverge and augment. • An example of the CIA being individually perceptive but collectively blind • The danger of assimilation to the dominant assumptions of a business. Matthew also shares his advice for recruiters and suggest ways we can all have more rebel ideas Subscribe to this podcast in Apple Podcasts

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