Ep 208: Explaining AI In Recruiting (Part 2)

Following on from my conversation with Megan Butler about the state of the market for AI in recruitment, for the second part of this mini-series explaining AI and Machine learning, we are taking a deep dive into the technology and terminology itself. My guest is Jon Krohn, Chief Data Scientist at recruiting technology company Untapt. Jon is also a lecturer, researcher and author in the field of machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing. This interview goes into a huge amount of detail into the definitions and mechanics of AI (in an understandable way!) as well as exploring current and future applications for recruiting. In the interview, we discuss: • The role of a data scientist • AI and sorting the mail • Building predictive data models • Machine learning versus deep learning and how Siri got clever • Data engineering • Adoption and bias • Current and future applications of AI in recruiting Subscribe to this podcast in Apple Podcasts

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