Ep 207: Explaining AI In Recruiting (Part 1)

The role of AI and machine learning in recruiting technology continues to provoke both debate and confusion. What benefits do these technologies current bring and how much of the current narrative is just marketing spin? What will they make possible in the future, and what are the risks and dangers we need to be aware of right now? To help answer these questions, in the next two episodes of the show I'll be asking two genuine experts in AI for recruiting to share their knowledge. First up is Megan Butler, a research analyst in AI for HR. Megan was part of my live panel back in episode 200, so it is brilliant to have the chance to talk to her in more depth. In the interview, we discuss: • Is AI in recruiting what it is hyped up to be? • How to get the benefits and mitigate the risks • The fine line between analytics and machine learning • Matching and assessment • The importance of process • Bias Megan also shares her thoughts on the future of AI in recruiting and the importance of taking controlled risks. Subscribe to this podcast in Apple Podcasts

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