Ep 204: Recruiting In A Highly Competitive Market

Whenever I'm talking to companies about their recruitment challenges, one area that comes up time and time again is recruiting enterprise salespeople, particularly in the tech sector. My guest this week is someone who can give us a hiring manager's perspective from one of the most competitive locations in the world for this type of talent. Angie Jongejan is a Director of Sales for SurveyMonkey in San Mateo, California. It was great to hear her share some insights into SurveyMonkey's approach to recruiting and retention in their highly competitive talent market. In the interview, we discuss: • SurveyMonkey's three main recruiting challenges • The importance of providing a fantastic candidate experience • Ensuring alignment between the recruitment team and hiring managers • Sourcing jams • The role of surveys and acting on feedback Angie also shares her thoughts on what is next for SurveyMonkey. Subscribe to this podcast in Apple Podcasts

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