Ep 201: Accessing New Pools Of Talent

Contact - matt@metashift.co.uk The relentless march of digital transformation means that many employers are having to find ways of reaching out to new pools of talent to attract different types of people into their businesses. No company is immune from this and even established technology companies are having to rethink their talent acquisition strategies. My guest this week is Andreea Nicolescu Employer Branding and HR Communication Manager and at Temenos. Temenos is a market-leading Fintech business and has developed cutting edge strategies in both talent acquisition and talent management to facilitate digital transformation. In the interview, we discuss: • The recruiting challenges at TemenosAccessing New Pools Of Talent • Attracting digital natives into roles that previously did not exist • Moving from a transactional to a proactive model of talent acquisition • Switching to new technologies to support the talent acquisition strategy • The right candidates not the right number of candidates • Engaging with new talent pools via targeted advertising • Getting ROI by engaging, tracking and optimising • Developing talent via academies and boot camps Andreea also talks about diversity in the workforce and what is next for Temenos. Subscribe to this podcast in Apple Podcasts  

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