Ep 198: Building Recruiter Capability

Contact - matt@metashift.co.uk With talent acquisition continuously changing and evolving, making sure your recruiters have the right skills is critical for employer hiring success. But what are the skills needed, what should recruiters be doing develop them, and how should their employers be supporting this process? My guest this week is Rachel Dalboth Strategy and Capability Director for the Forum For In House Recruitment Managers, otherwise known as The Firm. The Firm is a collaborative support community for in house recruiters and has recently done several very interesting research projects around recruiter capability. In the interview we discuss: • The FIRM and its work • The definition of recruiter capability • The critical skills in house recruiters need in 2019 and how they currently measure up against them. • When confidence is overconfidence • Typical areas for development • How the growth of technology is changing the type of skills which are needed Rachel also shares what she is seeing the best employers doing to build capability and gives more details on how companies can get involved with The Firm. Subscribe to this podcast in Apple Podcasts

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