Ep 97: Authentic Employer Branding

Employer Branding has changed significantly in the last few years. Challenges round talent availability and evolving communication trends are forcing companies to think more strategically about the way they get their message out to their markets. We often hear about Employer Brand innovation in technology companies but how are things now working in more traditional companies? My guest this week is Euan McNair, Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand Consultant at Standard Life who are based in Edinburgh. Standard Life have been doing some interesting employer branding work recently and I know you’ll find the insights that Euan shares fascinating. In the interview we discuss:     •    Why Euan is so passionate about Employer Branding and how he defines it     •    The end of job adverts and the rise of employee story telling     •    Who owns Employer Brand     •    Channels, data and formats     •    Having a candidate centric approach Euan also shares his view on the likely future of the Employer Brand space Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes

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