Ep 95: Data Driven Recruiting

Data and analytics continue to be key topics in Talent Acquisition. But what should employers be measuring, what value can the data give them and how widely is a data driven approach to recruiting actually being adopted? To answer these questions as well as many others, I’m delighted to welcome Kyle Lagunas, Research Manager at IDC, as my guest for this week’s show. Kyle has been intensely studying the development of data driven recruiting for several years and has some very interesting insights to share. In the interview we discuss:     •    The gap between current technologies and adoption     •    The evolution of measurement practices in recruiting     •    Recruiting skills versus Recruitment Marketing skills     •    How data can be used to optimize a recruiting operation     •    What is possible with analytics and how to measure beyond the usual activity metrics     •    An example strategic framework for developing data driving recruiting Kyle also give us his view on the future of some other current trends in talent acquisition including AI, Recruitment Marketing Platform and Chatbots Subscribe to this podcast in iTunes Find out more about my new book “Exceptional Talent”

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