Ep 92: Employee Experience

During the research process for my book, Exceptional Talent, it became clear that the importance of the concept of Employee Experience was growing rapidly. To talk us through the reasons behind this and to break down the key elements of the employee experience, I’m delighted to welcome eminent futurist and best selling author Jacob Morgan to the show. Jacob has recently written a new book called “The Employee Experience Advantage” which is based on detailed research into over 250 global employers. In the interview we discuss:     •    The three systems that make up Employee Experience     •    Corporate culture as the “side effects” of working for a particular organization     •    The four attributes of physical space     •    Tools to get the job done     •    The ROI of having a great Employee Experience     •    The future of HR Jacob also give us some examples of employers who are doing great work shaping their Employee Experience and the trends we can expect to see in the coming few years Subscribe to this podcast in iTunes

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