Ep 90: What Is Exceptional Talent?

A bit of a special episode this week. As regular listeners will know, “Exceptional Talent” the book I’ve co-authored with Mervyn Dinnen has just been published. With so many of the themes covered in the book crossing over with those that get covered on the podcast I thought it would make sense to give you a deep dive into the book’s content. My guest this week to help me do this is, of course, my co-author Mervyn. Topics we discuss:     •    What is the book about and why did we write it     •    Our definition of Exceptional Talent and the Talent Journey     •    Getting Talent Attention     •    Recruitment and Marketing     •    Art vs Science in the reinvention of Assessment     •    Continuous Onboarding     •    HR as Talent Producers     •    Developing The Employee Experience     •    Engagement and Retention     •    The implications of more technology in the workplace You can buy the book here directly from Kogan Page and if you use discount code FHRET20 you’ll get 20% off. If you want to subscribe to the Exceptional Talent mailing list to be kept updated on addition content and workshops we will be developing you can do that here www.exceptionaltalent.io Subscribe to this podcast in iTunes

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