Ep 87: Hiring On All Cylinders

Time for something completely different. One of my favorite industry podcasts is Hiring On All Cylinders produced by the lovely people at Entelo. This week, in the interests of friendly podcast co-operation, I’m doing a podcast exchange with them. I’m interviewed in the latest episode of Hiring On All Cylinders, talking about my new book and everything I’ve learned from interviewing all my wonderful podcast guests. Meanwhile on this week’s Recruiting Future Podcast my guest is Jill Witty, VP of Talent and Operations at Entelo. Jill has helped the company scale up from 7 employees to a 120 employees and has some fascinating insights into the modern world of Talent Acquisition. In the interview we discuss:     •    Innovative recruiting approaches     •    Diversifying talent pools at the top of the funnel     •    Establishing a compelling and competitive employer brand     •    Values based recruiting that focuses on culture add rather than culture fit Jill also gives us her take on the future of talent acquisition technology and in particular the potential role of artificial intelligence in recruiting. Subscribe to this podcast in iTunes

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