Ep 84: An Innovative Approach To Recruiting

One of the things I’ve learned from interviewing people for the podcast is that very often the most effective recruiting innovations come from the recruiting teams at tech start-ups who have successfully scaled. This is normally as a result of the size of the recruiting challenges they tend to face and the speed at which they must overcome them. My guest this week is Anna Lambert, Director of Talent Acquisition at Shopify. Shopify is a great example of a tech company that has scaled massively and Anna has some great insights on recruiting innovation to share. In the interview we discus:     •    How to maintain quality of hire as you grow     •    The life story approach to recruiting     •    Interview shadowing     •    Effective strategies to overcome human unconscious bias     •    The critical importance of employer brand Anna also talks about the advantages of her non-recruiting background and gives her view on the outlook for the future. Shopify are currently looking for new recruiters to join their team, more details are available on their careers site Subscribe to this podcast in iTunes

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