Ep 83: Persona Based Recruiting

I’ve noticed that there is an increasing amount of discussion about the use of personas as a tool for sourcing and recruitment marketing. However I also suspect that is still not a great deal of understanding about what personas actually are and just how useful they can be. I can think of no better person to shed some light on this top than John Vlastelica from Recruiting Toolbox. John returns for a second visit to the show after his incredibly popular interview last year on hiring managers In this interview we discuss: What are personas, how can they be used and what are their advantages The key components of a persona and how you go about creating them How personas can be used to build pipelines in a way that massively accelerate time to hire Using personas to help shape the recruiting sell by defining magnet people and magnet projects John also give his thoughts on the future role of technology in this area and explains why he wants to see more employers using these  persona based methodologies. Subscribe to this podcast in iTunes

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