Ep 81: The Perspectives Of A Group HR Director

As part of my continuing focus on getting a diverse range of opinions and voices on the show, this week I thought it would be interesting to get the views of a Global HR Director. My guest for this episode is Graeme Cook, Group HR Director at ground engineering specialist Keller, a company who employ 10,000 people across 40 different companies. Graeme’s career has itself been a global one and he has worked in several different countries for his past employers, giving him a genuinely global perspective. In the interview we discuss:     •    Some of the key considerations and challenges of operating HR at a global level     •    Skill shortages in the Oil, Gas and Engineering sectors     •    The three key parts of the HR Director’s role and HR’s position within the organization     •    Technology, automation and the future of HR Graeme also talks about his transition from working in finance to working in HR and gives his views on the challenges of managing a multi-generational workforce. Subscribe to this podcast in iTunes Click here to pre-order “Exceptional Talent”

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