Ep 77: Employee Advocacy, Culture And Talent Attraction

Talent Attraction in areas of extreme skill shortage is something that is consistently difficult. I’m always interested in any creative ways that employers are using to tackle the problem, particularly when they don’t have a massive budget or unlimited resources to use to solve it. My guest this week is Ruth Penfold, Director of Talent Acqusition at Shazam, a company who are regularly having to use innovative talent attraction approaches to bring on the board the talent they need. In the interview we discuss:     •    Why Shazam’s existing employees are their most importance Talent Attraction tool and why recruitment is everyone’s responsibility     •    The benefits of a transparent culture     •    The importance of candidate communication and an authentic candidate experience     •    Why being seen in the right communities is critical to success     •    Generational mindset and purpose We also discuss Shazam’s priorities for 2017 and Ruth gives us an insight into the unique musical experiences on offer to Shazam’s employees! Subscribe to this podcast in iTunes

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