Ep 63: A Global Perspective On Social Media

Planning and executing a social media strategy for recruiting and employer branding is never a straight forward undertaking. However, doing this within a global organization can be particularly problematic. Complex stakeholder relationships with PR, marketing and comms are a key issues as is getting the right segmentation of channels across geographies and audiences. Local versus Global is a debate I’m often asked my opinion on. My guest this week is Charu Malhotra. Charu has a wealth of experience working as an interim within a range of global organizations and has some unique expertise in building global social recruiting strategies. She is currently leading EVP and Employer Branding projects at Ferrero. In the interview we discuss:     •    The specific challenges social media presents for complex global organizations     •    Transparency and fishing where the fish are     •    Content types     •    Alignment, stakeholder relations and project management     •    Global versus Local     •    The power of social media as a research tool Charu also shares her thoughts on the future development of social media and tells us which emerging social channel she thinks has the most potential. Subscribe to this podcast in iTunes

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