Ep 55: The Power Of Employee Generated Content

In my work as a consultant, I’m constantly seeing examples of employers whose recruitment marketing and employer brand activity is ineffectual because they are lacking content from their employees that illustrates what working for them is really like. Generating, managing and optimizing this kind of content is hard and can potentially take up huge amounts of resource. Unsurprisingly then we are now seeing a growing number technology companies providing products and services to help employer brand managers in this area. My guest on this episode of the podcast is Phil Strazzulla the Founder and CEO of LifeGuides, a company that is helping employers capture and tell their employees stories. In the interview we discuss:     •    The advantages of using “Employee Authored Content”     •    Some of the reasons employers struggle in this area     •    What makes great employee content and the vital importance of authenticity     •    The problem with “Frankenstein” job descriptions     •    How data insights can help Phil also gives us examples of companies who are doing this well and offers his advice on how to get started. Subscribe to this podcast in iTunes

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