Ep 52 How To Set Up An In House Recruiting Function

The popularity of moving recruitment in house continues to grow and is now something that is happening across all types of businesses whether they are large corporates, SMEs or high growth start ups. Setting up a in house recruitment function can be a learning experience both for the company and for the recruiters involved as the reality is often much more complex than the theory. My guest this week is Nick Yockney Head of People for Property Partner, a property crowdfunding platform. Nick has set up two new in house recruiting functions since making the transition from agency recruiter to in house recruiter and is very open and honest about his experiences. In the interview we discuss:     •    The Difficulties for recruiters when moving from agency to in house     •    The motivations businesses might have for bringing recruitment in house     •    The importance of understand the rhythm of the business and the value an in house function can add if it does this     •    The dangers of over-promising     •    Thinking strategically while realistically assessing the tools you have     •    Function over fashion in recruitment technologies. Nick also tells us what has surprised him most about moving in house, the tools he finds most useful and his views on the future. Subscribe to this podcast in iTunes

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