Ep 49: An Enterprise Level View On The Future Of Talent Acquisition

When industry commentators write and speak about talent acquisition, there is a tendency towards generalized truisms that seemingly apply to all employers. The actual truth is much more nuanced and there are distinct differences in the reality of talent acquisition both between industries and between SMEs and large enterprises.My guest for this episode is David Mason. David has worked at a senior level driving talent acquisition innovation at a number of very large corporates in some progressive industry sectors.In the interview we discuss:    •    Three key things that have changed in Talent Acquisition over the last five years    •    Which industries are driving innovation and why    •    The problems large corporates have with embracing new technology    •    Where Talent Acquisition leaders should focus in order to drive changeDavid also gives us his views on the future and the role he sees being played by “Applied Artificial Intelligence” in recruiting.Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes

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