Ep 46: Talent Analytics At Cisco

Data Analytics is something that has been growing in importance within Talent Acquisition for the last few years. Most companies are just starting out on their journey with data but there are some who are now sophisticated enough to benefit from a more predictive and data-driven talent acquisition mindset.One of these pioneers in this area is Cisco and my guest this week is Ian Bailie their Global Head of Talent Acquisition Operations.In the interview we discuss:    •    How Cisco and built and scaled an in house talent trends division    •    The key performance metrics they measure and how this is evolving    •    What they have learnt from the data and what has surprised them    •    The move towards to predictive analytics and how Talent Acquisition is able to influence higher level decisions in the wider businessIan also talks about the plans for the future and gives his tips on how to get started with talent analyticsThanks to HR Tech World for helping to organize the interviewSubscribe to this podcast on iTunes

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