Ep 42: How In House Recruiting Leaders Can Drive Change

We live in changing times and change is certainly being felt in the recruitment industry at the moment. Technology is changing, communication is changing, candidate expectations are changing and for many employers the talent landscape is growing ever more competitive. Strategically driving the systems and organisational change needed to keep up is big challenge for in house recruitment leaders.My guest this week is Barry Flack . Barry has worked in senior HR and recruiting leadership positions within a number of fast changing industries.In the interview we discuss:    •    How organisations need to get on the front foot with their recruiting strategies and stop being reactive    •    The reason why many employers are stuck with legacy “record keeping” recruitment technology.    •    The importance of embracing technology that improves user experience, candidate experience and enables proactive sourcing    •    Ways in which recruitment leaders can drive the strategic change needed within their organisations.Barry also gives us his view on the key trends to watch in the futureSubscribe to this podcast in iTunes Find out more about Matt Alder

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