Ep 40: Lessons To Learn From Sales And Marketing

The mantra that in house recruiters need to behave more like marketeers is an often-repeated one. Like many recruitment truism it is easy to say but more difficult to justify and even more difficult to describe how it should actually work.My guest this week is Ted Elliott CEO of Jobscience. Ted has spend the last 16 years building tools that help recruiters adopt key disciplines from sales and marketing to help them operate in competitive talent marketsIn the interview we discuss:    •    The concept of Blue Ocean strategy    •    Increasing competition in global talent markets    •    The importance of micro marketing instead of mass marketing    •    Why just in time recruiting is vital in meeting hiring manager expectations    •    Why corporate recruiters have an impossible task in 2016 and need to think differently.Ted also and highlights the employers he feels are successfully implementing sales and marketing best practices for recruiting and explains why Jobscience is built on the Salesforce platform. Subscribe to this podcast in iTunes  

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