Ep 34: How To Recruit Tech Talent In A Competitive Market

Matt Alder talks to William Uranga from GoDaddy Over the last few weeks I’ve been deep in research mode looking in detail at how the best in house recruiters are finding tech talent in increasingly competitive marketplaces. The most competitive market of all for tech talent is Silicon Valley and it is always interesting to get an insight into the strategies its most successful tech business are using to keep ahead of the pack.My guest this week is William Uranga, Director of Technical and Corporate Recruiting at GoDaddy.In the interview we discuss:    •    Why Employer Brand should be every recruiting team’s secret weapon    •    The collaboration and creativity required to craft the compelling stories the recruiting team use to engage with top talent    •    What specifically motivates people to join GoDaddy    •    How his team use technology as a force multiplier and the tools that are working for them.William also gives us his future vision and discusses the pivotal role their employees social media presence is playing in GoDaddy’s success Links from this episode: How To Rech Tech Talent Whitepaper
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