Ep 31: The Rapid Evolution Of Talent Acquisition

In this episode Matt Alder talks to Jennifer Boulanger Head of Global Recruitment at Booking.comIt has become very clear from the research I’ve been doing this year that Talent Acquisition is developing in complexity at the fastest pace we have ever experienced. To be truly successful at recruiting in today’s agile business environment employers needs the right mix of  expertise, technology, process and data.My guest this week is Jennifer Boulanger who is Head of Global Recruitment at Booking.com. In the interview we discuss:    •    The challenges Booking.com have faced recruiting 5000 people in the past year    •    Global mobility in tech hiring and the tools and techniques that make it successful    •    Applying marketing thinking to Employer Branding     •    The journey Booking.com is taking towards data driven Talent AcquisitionJennifer also discusses the technology Booking.com use to manage recruiting and provide a great candidate experience and shares her thoughts on technology trends for the futureSubscribe to this podcast in iTunes

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