Ep27: The Belated Rise Of Social Referral Schemes

In this episode Matt Alder talks to Guido Niewkamp from SocialReferral The concept of super charging employee referral schemes by plugging them into employee social networks has been hyped as the next big thing in recruitment for at least the last five years.It now seems that the tools and approaches that power this concept have matured and are bringing huge benefits to the early adopting employers who bought into them. Social referrals are now hitting the mainstream and in this week’s episode I talk to Guido Niewkamp the co-founder of SocialReferral to discuss what is working and why.In the interview we discuss:    •    How employees become brand ambassadors    •    Why 50% of employees won’t refer and how employers can motivate the other  50% to do it    •    Success stories including a retailer who recruited 200 people in a month from their social referral schemeGuido also gives his take on the future of the referral space and we discuss why referral schemes will need to be more about employer branding stories and less about just sharing jobs.Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes

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