Ep25: Busting Tech Recruiting Myths

In this episode Matt Alder talks to Ken Ward of Winter Court ConsultingThere is a huge amount on content published on a weekly basis detailing tools and techniques that can help employers recruit software engineers and other digital professionals. It can be very difficult to separate what is sound advice from all the click bait and product spin.My guest for this episode is Ken Ward from Winter Court Consulting. Ken has two decades worth of practical experience in tech recruitment and is keen to bust a number of popular tech recruitment myths and truisms. In the interview we discuss:    •    Key motivations that make tech professionals move jobs    •    How to design a recruitment process that works     •    The often-disputed role of LinkedIn, Email and Job Boards in tech recruitment    •    The “Cult of The Engineer”    •    Why most new recruiting products designed to help with tech recruitment are focusing on the wrong thingKen also gives a number of practical tips for all employers who are recruiting in this areaSubscribe to this podcast in iTunes

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