Ep 23: Transforming Talent Attraction At LV=

In this episode Matt Alder talks to Kevin Hough Head of Resourcing at LV=Responding to changing markets by evolving new approaches to talent attraction is a big challenge for many large employers. Over the last few years I’ve been very impressed with a number of the employer branding and recruitment marketing initiatives I’ve seen coming out of financial services company LV=.It was great to get to talk to LV=’s Head of Resourcing Kevin Hough and get the inside track on some of their successful initiatives, as well as his thoughts on social media, data and employer branding.Topics we discuss include: How LV= has used community engagement to implement a successful social recruiting strategy. The importance of brand ambassadors and how they can come from surprising sources The power of learning via mistakes and challenges The economics of the candidate experience Kevin also talks about why an EVP can be like owning a bidet and how LV= found out they were sponsoring the wrong station!Subscribe to this podcast in iTunes

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