Ep 22: Talent Marketplaces - The Three Trillion Dollar Future Of Work

In this interview Matt Alder speaks to Stephane Kasriel CEO of Upwork.A recent report published by McKinsey indicates that the digital talent marketplaces driving the “gig economy” could play a significant role in increasing global GDP by $2.7 Trillion by 2025. Upwork is currently the biggest talent marketplace place in the world and I was delighted to get the chance to speak to Stephane Kasriel their CEO for this week’s podcast.The topics we discuss include:    •    The merger of Elance and oDesk that created Upwork    •    How a talent marketplace actually works    •    The huge diversity of skills represented on the platform    •    Remote working and dynamic corporate talent pooling    •    Solving the global digital skills crisis    •    What the future of work will look likeStephane also talks about Upwork’s experience of having an employee base that is 70% freelance and distributed across the worldLinks from this episode:The Future of Work, published by Faster Future Publishing McKinsey Report: Connecting Talent With Opportunity In The Digital Age   Subscibe to this podcast in iTunes

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