Her Kind By Design - Lauren Wolf

In this week's podcast episode, Lisa Woodruff interviews Lauren Wolf of Her Kind By Design. Lauren has been a Professional Organizer for almost a year, is Certified by Organize 365 as a Sunday Basket Workshop Organizer and she is Certified to teach the Direct Sales Workbox and all of the Organize 365 Binders. She lives in Leland, NC with her husband and two pre-teen children, Jack and Lily.  Lauren found Lisa when she was Googling how to organize kids school papers and stumbled upon her blogpost and podcast. She has been a faithful listener ever since. When asked what her advice is for anyone who is thinking about starting a Professional Organizer, she says, "Just start. Right where you are. Live the methods you teach and talk to people. The websites, logos, newsletters, etc. will come. Just go for it!" Lauren is passionate about helping parents of children with medical needs, helping them find "control over the chaos." Listen in this week as Lauren shares her story of her first year as the CEO of Her Kind By Design! 

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