Barry Alvarez, Big Wave Surfer Garrett McNamara And NFL Week 3 Preview

Davis Mills may not be the guy and an update on the Subathon(00:02:29-00:11:28). NFL Week 3 Preview and picks where we talk about each game Sunday(00:11:28-00:51:28). Fantasy Fuccbois(00:51:28-00:56:14). Former Wisconsin Badgers Head Coach and AD Barry Alvarez joins the show to talk about Wisconsin/Notre Dame, College Football landscape, not using vacation days, running the football and more(00:56:14-01:32:36). Big Wave surfer Garrett McNamara joins the show to talk about surfing 100 foot waves, how he changed the world of surfing and traveling the world chasing waves(01:32:36-01:59:44). We finish with Fyre Fest of the week(01:59:44-02:11:38).

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