061: Achieving Badass Balance

Description:  This podcast is the first in a series called Not Done Yet! featuring powerful badass women over 50 who are at the top of their game. Avivah Wittenberg-Cox is an award winning and best-selling author, teacher and leading expert on gender balance.  She began her career in computer programming, a male dominated industry. In 1996, she set up a women’s network (PWNGlobal.net) to support women in business and discovered that if you put 30 women in a room together, they’ll support and empower each other.  However, companies were failing to facilitate women’s newfound confidence and instead, were blocking their growth and had no idea why or how to change.  Avivah found her purpose helping companies adapt leadership, cultures and systems to 21st century talent and customers. Balance isn’t a women’s issue, it’s a business issue and the fact is that gender balanced businesses perform better.  Named in ELLE magazine as one of the TOP 40 Women Leading Change and  celebrated by PWN Global with a Lifetime Achievement Award for Gender Balanced Leadership, Avivah continues to help companies around the world achieve success through improving gender balance.   What You Will Hear in This Episode:  The parallel approach of empowering women and empowering leaders. Gender and generational balance within organizations and companies. The 5 M’s Men, Motherhood, Meritocracy, Mentoring, Masculinity. Different stages of women’s careers. The emergence and importance of women leaders. Corporate and personal reimagining of what a career actually looks like over decades. Midlife Rethink Workshop   Quotes: “Gender balance is a management competency that we are not educating people on.” “It’s really easy to check the commitment of CEO’s on gender balancing by looking at their own teams” “Generational balance becomes a really urgent imperative for companies and countries that want to keep healthy economic bases and talent pools.”   Mentioned: Workshop link https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-midlife-rethink-with-avivah-wittenberg-cox-bonnie-marcus-tickets-132773847151 20-First Late Love: Mating In Maturity Avivahwittenbergcox.com NotDoneYet! book

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