016: Connecting The World Through Dance with Janet Reineck

While at an outdoor festival a few months ago, I saw a group of women dancing with such joy, passion, and badassery that I knew I needed to know more about them. Upon further investigation, I connected with their founder and Executive Director, Janet Reineck who founded World Dance for Humanity as a way to combine her love of dancing, humanitarian aid, and a way to bring hope and help to people in need. Janet and I talk about how she created this organization and found her community of dancers and helpers in Santa Barbara, how World Dance for Humanity is structured, and a few of their biggest wins in Rwanda and beyond.    What You Will Hear in This Episode:    World Dance for Humanity has so far helped 11,500 people in 28 cooperatives. Every penny that comes in through a class or event is designated for a local or international charity.  Janet followed a note on a piece of paper to fall in love with Kosovo, and was moved by their culture and hospitality.  Create a life where you put what you love, and what you are good at together.  World Dance for Humanity is inclusive for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. It is a supportive experience that highlights music from all around the world and bridges together even music from countries at war.  Janet’s time in under developed countries showed her fragility of life, and created a deep appreciation for things like a bed and clean water that we often take for granted.  Many women in Rwanda are bad asses, and have stepped up to run businesses in conjunction with World Dance such as a bakery, craft store, and fish farm.    Quotes:  “I am so happy when I see other women put together what they are good at, and what they love.”  “That’s all I care about, is what in the world can I do to make a difference.”  “Our classes connect us to the world.”  “Dance is a way to be the music in your body.”  “Two of the most important things - having our health and having passion.” Mentioned:  World Dance for Humanity  Goats for Life  Queen Nation Lupita  

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