79. Reflecting with 2-Time Olympic Medalist Helen Maroulis

We've got another Olympian guest this week: Helen Maroulis who won GOLD back in 2016 against all-time great, Saori Yoshida. Then, multiple concussions and a dark struggle with mental health put Maroulis's wrestling career on hold...or so they thought. Helen bounced back in time for the Tokyo games and medaled once more, against all odds. Hers is a story of perspective and perseverance, values she also applies to her charity work. Helen works closely with When We Band Together, a nonprofit organization that provides safe places for refugees to live and thrive. h.e.r.LIFE will be donating $1 per stream of this episode to WWBT, and if you’d like to donate on your own, you can do so at wwbt.org.

As always, thank you for listening!

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