Patrisse Cullors: How To Make It Out Alive

A Black Lives Matter co-founder who has dealt with everything—poverty, homophobia, a father and brother in and out of prison, and a police force the criminalized her as a child—Patrisse Cullors has dealt with all the pain, chaos and repression in her life and in response she has grown strong and wise and happy. She’s working on Black Lives Matter, she’s working on her family, and she’s now publishing a memoir that’s powerful, painful, beautiful, and heart-wrenching: When They Call You A Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir. It’s a great, great book that tells the story of her rise and the rise of Black Lives Matter. Cullors is a really special person and I’m glad to call her a friend and see what I can learn from her. Toure Show is a place where successful people talk about their journeys. What are the tactics, attitudes, and strategies that fueled their success? What can you learn from them that’ll help you on your rise? My hope is that these conversations are valuable for you. That you’ll hear something that’ll help you boost your life. Toure Show Ep 10 Patrisse Cullors—“How To Make It Out Alive” Host a Writer: Toure Producer: Chris Colbert and Matt Ford Studio: Cadence 13  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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