Poker Pro David Williams: How To Make It In Poker

A poker star who’s won over $9 million at the table is definitely someone we all can learn from. The high pressure world of elite poker is stressful, thrilling, and complex but the trait Williams says is most important to being successful has nothing to do with the cards. He says the key is self-discipline. If you can control yourself, more importantly, if you can control your emotions then you can succeed in poker. Toure Show is successful people talking about their success. What are the tactics, attitudes, and strategies that fueled their success? What can you learn from them that’ll help you on your rise? My hope is that these conversations give you tactics that can help you. Toure Show Ep 7 David Williams—“How To Make It Big In Poker” Host a Writer: Toure Producer: Chris Colbert Studio: Cadence 13  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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