You Can't Date, Dad. But You Can Grow Old and Die!

In this installment of the Dating After Divorce Survival Guide, my family life and my dating life begin to intersect. My youngest is older and has some pretty strong opinions on how her mother and I should be conducting ourselves as single people. I call the woman who was Dressed In All Black Like the Omen (Episode 2) and I'm faced with a great opportunity, but my ego may be in the way...or perhaps it is my savior in disguise. ----------------- To send me some birthday love (may delete later): To learn more about the show and more, visit: (  To follow me on Instagram: ( and ( To subscribe to the podcast's music playlist on Spotify visit: ( If you're new to this podcast, thank you for visiting and I hope you'll stay awhile! The best place to begin here is all the way that the beginning, (Season One, Episode One). That way you won't feel the way I do when I get to a party a little later and everyone else is already dancing. Resources from the Episode :  You are Beautiful, Inside & Out and You are NOT Your Past and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: ( Get control of YOUR time. It’s your most precious asset: ( Learn your worth. Speak your worth! ( Support this podcast

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