5 Things to Think About Before Starting a Blog

In today's episode we discuss blogging - a very popular subject that many people have questions about. "Getting a website" is NOT the first thing you should do. There are several other factors you should carefully consider before that. In this podcast we explore them in detail.  There's an expanded version of this podcast exclusively available to my blogging group on Patreon - you can find out about it and join here.  Included in this podcast: Deciding if you're committed enough (2:00) Learning what's really involved (4:34) Checking out the competition (9:46) Being ready to spend some money (13:22) Deciding on your niche (15:57) A quick introduction to our Patreon group (18:23) Recap (19:49) For a full transcript and show notes, click here. Supplementary Links and Information Our Patreon blogging group. Help on choosing your niche.  How to create a profitable blog.

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