How to Conquer Procrastination

In today's podcast we talk about common problem of procrastination. It's something we know many listeners struggle with. We all put things off sometimes, but it can become a real block to achieving your goals when it happens all the time. With that in mind, we discuss seven ways to stop procrastinating. Included in this podcast: Just stop it! (2:52) Eliminate busy work (4:27) Stop setting those false goals (6:58) Doing unpleasant tasks (9:55) Eat the Frog (12:23) All About the Pomodoro Technique (16:16) Put some "skin in the game" (19:56) Trim your to-do list (22:16) Can procrastination be a good thing? (23:41) You can find full show notes and a complete transcription here. Supplementary Links and Information The Importance Trap. 

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