Introducing Freelance Kickstarter

In this episode of the the HomeWorkingClub podcast, we finally introduce Freelance Kickstarter, a comprehensive course for aspiring freelancers.  We talk about how the course came to be, why it was created, and what students will be able to do once the course is complete. (If you listen to the end you may also find a temporary discount code!) Full full show notes and a complete transcription, click here. Included in this podcast: An introduction to the course (2:21) Personal branding (5:15) Why Freelance Kickstarter won't work for everybody (7:18) Practicalities around finding clients and knowing what to charge them (9:32) Why you need to lay your cards on the table to yourself (15:09) Learning from mistakes (18:25) Details on course availability and the exclusive discount (19:09)

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