Has the Working World Changed Forever?

After a long and strange summer, Ben and Alex restart the HomeWorkingClub podcast with a chat about the future of the working world.  Armed with results from our recent home working survey, we talk about whether the working world has changed forever, and whether governments will ever persuade office workers to revert to their previous lives. Included in this podcast: An update on HomeWorkingClub (1:37) Big results from the survey (3:27) How the world is evolving (7:34) How to hold on to your home lifestyle (10:00) How existing freelancers/home workers are changing (15:30) The end of the city center? (18:40) Alex gets in a muddle! (21:34) A "super special secret project" (22:15) Find detailed show notes and a complete transcription here. Supplementary Links and Information Access our complete survey data. See our list of remote first companies. The brand new Freelance Kickstarter course - use coupon code "PODCAST33" for 30% off (expires 14th September 2020.)

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