Personal Brands: 21 Things to Dare in 2021

“Masters today were starts yesterday, begin now!” – Bernard Kelvin Clive Let’s dare to do more this year! Now is the time to spice up and step up your personal brand! Becoming a better you! Life gets better when you get better. Pick and do what you can, challenge yourself. This might not be for everyone, however, everyone can find something worth daring. 1. Write a bookThis may be the best time to write that book in you. Your story needs to be heard. Just start writing. 2. Go on a dateYeah either married or single, you can just pick a location to go spend some quality time with yourself, your spouse, fiancée or family. It makes a lot of difference. 3. Travel/ go on a tourPerhaps, you have never traveled outside your village, town, city or country. This may be the time to do so. Plan for that trip today. 4. Learn a languageLanguage is a very powerful communication tool, if you are at least multilingual the better. Learning a new language can be empowering, just add one more to your list. 5. Go back to schoolYou may think it’s too late but hey no! You can still take that course. If it’s necessary, make it happen this year. Make enquires and pick a form. 6. Start a business (side hustle)You may need an extra income or may have plans for a startup business. Just begin, get the needed resources and launch out. 7. Adopt a childIf this is the best option for you, go for it. Your adoption may just be to cater for the needs of someone’s child. Do it! 8. Start a familyIf you’ve been planning to settling down and the right time is up, go ahead don’t keep postponing it. Prepare for. a wonderful family life. 9. Plant treesContribute to a greener world and save lives by simply planting a tree. We need fresher air and a better environment. Be a tree planter. 10. Run a MarathonYou may just decide to do this for the fun of it not necessarily for a medal. Experience it! 11. Go on a retreatGo out of town, find a serene place to meditate, have deeper soul searching, pray and commune with God. 12. Start a farmA backyard farm would be an ideal starting point if you have space for it. Be it plant or animal farming, cultivate this as a hobby or business. The returns are worth the effort. 13. Acquire a landIf you have land, you can have more. If you have none, now it’s a great time to secure one. Invest in lands, it always appreciates. 14. VolunteerService to others is service to God. Offer to serve freely in any capacity that you can. Be of help to others. 15. Compose a songYeah! You don’t need to be a musician or songwriter to write a song, you just need to appreciate life and nature to begin. Do it in your way. Sing your song. 16. Start a personal libraryYou need not be a lover of books to start a library. For posterity sake, have a resource of books that can help generations after you. It could be a great way to transfer knowledge and impact lives. 17. Grow your assets (invest)It is a good practice to have multiple streams of income. It makes life worth living and lightens the pressures of life. 18. Read more booksAnd one more book to your reading list, then another, then another. Read as much as you can. Get enlightened. 19. Learn a skillLearn something new. Upgrade yourself. Find out what skills are needed in your industry and learn. It offers you more opportunities in life. Skills get you hired. 20. Give anonymouslyIn a society where people take pleasure in the public display of alms, do the opposite. Give and give quietly. You don’t need to publicize your act of kindness. 21. Quit: Disengage the DysfunctionalYes! Winners do quit and quitters do win. There comes a time that you must stop doing things that are not working and no longer saving it purposes – quit ridding the dead horses! It’s okay to quit that dysfunctional relationship, quit that job, quit that association, and move on. Life is too short to keep riding dead horses, there are more oceans to conquer more dreams to achieve. Step put boldly and pursue you dreams. Dare to be a difference-maker, standout with your brand.Make your year count. Recommended books: GOALS Are Dead! Simple Strategies for Achieving your Goals While Enjoying Life. DOERS 12:52

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