#280 Is the answer to health problems as simple as structured coherent water? with Analemma Water

We know about vapor, liquid and ice but what if I told you water has another state? Today we’re talking about the preferred state of water between liquid and ice, which is structured or coherent water. In nature, the natural vortex of water movement creates structured water.

When you use a structured or coherent water wand, the water gains immediately clarify and the taste becomes smoother. This is something I had to see and taste to believe, but the results are obvious.

In this episode, I sit down with Analemma Water founder Dr. Eric Laarakker, a holistic veterinarian that was looking for ways to optimize health and resident structured water afficionado Mario Brainovic.

We cover:

  • How structured water helps plants grow up to 50% more efficiently in their studies.
  • Calming or positive changes in brain waves seen in as little as 20 seconds after consumption of structured water.
  • EMFs and the microbiota and it’s relationship to the cosmos/energy
  • Opportunities to improve ag/animal production with structured water

I’ve had the opportunity to use the Analemma wand (we call it the magic wand at our house) and another device that is supposed to structure water and the Analemma wand created a notable different in smooth taste and water clarity whereas the other water structuring option I tried created no discernible change.

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Dr. Eric Laarakker, DVM has been working as a holistic veterinarian and researcher, ever since he graduated as veterinarian from the Dutch University of Utrecht, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 1992. Being interested in ways to optimize health, his research led him to the exploration of water, its properties, and how the quality of water can further be elevated. For the last 14 years, Dr. Laarakker has examined the properties of water, conducting numerous experiments and studies to see how the structure of the water affects its quality, and how optimal structure of water can be achieved and maintained.

Mario Brainović is an entrepreneur, researcher and a visionary in the field of health and wellness. For years he ran a successful international advertising agency and a production house. He was always very passionate about health and wellness, about finding natural ways to heal, regenerate and restore the delicate balance between body, mind and spirit. This led him to establish a natural pharmaceutical company that successfully helped many people for years. After a while he became very passionate about water. Realizing its extraordinary significance he established New Earth Technologies, a company that offers the miracle of Analemma Water to the world.

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