Narrowing Your Career Choices, with Meg Gerry

Choosing the industry you want to pursue in your career is one of the most important decisions you will make, but it can also be one of the toughest. How do you narrow your choices if you aren’t sure what you want to do? One of the most helpful ways, says Find Your Dream Job guest Meg Gerry, is trial and error. You have to try things to know if they’re a good fit. Meg also suggests having conversations with people currently working in the field you are considering. And finally, personality and career assessments can help you get clear on the skills you offer and what you need in a work environment.  About Our Guest: Meg Gerry ( is a Certified Career Services Provider (NCDA), a Global Career Development Facilitator (CCE), a Certified College Counselor, and an academic advisor with a master's degree in academic advising. Resources in This Episode: Meg’s podcast, All Things College and Career, ( provides interviews with experienced professionals to help you decide which academic major or career path is right for you.  From our Sponsor: Find Your Dream Job is brought to you by TopResume.(  Top Resume has helped more than 400,000 professionals land more interviews and get hired faster. Get a free review of your resume today from one of Top Resume’s expert writers. (

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