How to Sell Yourself in a Video Interview, with Kanika Tolver

In an ever-changing world of technology, many job seekers are now being asked to do video interviews. But if you only have experience with face-to-face interviews, how do you prepare for an on-camera meeting? Find Your Dream Job guest Kanika Tolver says you need to prepare in two ways: technology and practice. Make sure you install the technology you’ll be using to conduct the interview a day prior and that you understand how it works. Kanika suggests asking family and friends to practice with you. She advises that setting up a distraction-free environment will allow your true personality to shine through.  About Our Guest: Kanika Tolver ( is a professional coach, author, and speaker. She believes that a satisfying, successful career requires fulfillment, self-awareness, and determination. Resources in This Episode: For more information on Kanika’s new book, Career Rehab: Rebuild Your Personal Brand and Rethink the Way You Work, visit ( Nail every behavioral interview question in your next interview by learning how to prepare for them. Download 100 Behavioral Interview Questions You Need to Know. (

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