How to Find a Family Friendly Job, with Lauren Bell

If you are a working parent seeking a better work-life balance, a family-friendly job can make all the difference. In fact, many companies now offer flexible hours and the option to work remotely. The key to finding a family-friendly job, says Find Your Dream Job guest Lauren Bell, is to figure out what “family-friendly” means to you. Lauren suggests being transparent about your needs and communicating them to both current and future employers.  About Our Guest: Lauren Bell ( is a career strategist with Projectline Services (, a staffing and consulting company. She’s passionate about inclusive hiring practices, parents re-entering the workforce, and remote work. Resources in This Episode: Visit ( to find out more about how Lauren helps working parents find jobs they love. You can also find her on LinkedIn. ( Nail every behavioral interview question in your next interview by learning how to prepare for them. Download 100 Behavioral Interview Questions You Need to Know. (

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