Hiring Myths We Need to Stop Believing, with Dawn Graham

How do you know if your perception of the hiring process matches reality? There are many prevalent misconceptions and common hiring myths out there about the modern hiring process that are completely false. Find Your Dream Job guest expert Dawn Graham says that once you understand how the hiring process really works, your job search will become easier and more rewarding. Dawn also shares strategies for overcoming these myths and finding ways to be more competitive in today’s job market. About Our Guest: Dr. Dawn Graham (https://www.linkedin.com/in/drdawngraham/) is a career switch coach, TEDx speaker, LinkedIn instructor, and host of the popular call-in show Career Talk on SiriusXM Radio. Her latest book, "Switchers: How Smart Professionals Change Careers and Seize Success" (https://amzn.to/35sos3x), combines her experience as a career coach, licensed psychologist, and former corporate recruiter to give career switchers the strategies to break through obstacles and land the job they want. Resources in This Episode: For more information on Dawn’s services or to grab her book, visit her website at https://www.drdawnoncareers.com/. Your presence online is critical in order for employers to find you. Learn how to use your social media to make a favorable impression by enrolling in our free online course, How to Wow and Woo Employers Online (https://macslist.teachable.com/p/impress-employers-online/?src=podcast).

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